Friday, June 19, 2009


Ok yall, I cant stand posers & I know yall probably following some fakes! But dont get it twisted, what Im about 2 post are VERIFIED BY ME PERSONALLY Cuz I know them in real life & made sure its REAL! even if some of their tweets or lack of tweets seem off, ITS THEM! So here goes! Follow these folks & unfollow the fakes! I also will post fakes 2 take down! There in no particular order! But FOLLOW THEM ALL!!!


    1. wow, that list looks like it took a long time. also, there is a new thing that twitter is doing, so that if they are the real person, they can have a verified account. shaq has one, is u need an example.

      it shows the ppl that come to the page, that the account is the real person, because it has been verified through the ppl in charge of twitter.

      have ur friends do that, if they want their fans and followers to know real vs fake.

    2. I don't believe Beyonce has a Twitter well at least according to her sister @SolangeKnowles

    3. What's the point